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    Powerful cloud analytics
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    Get better insight with the #1 analytics, dashboard and reporting platform for SuperOffice.

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Run your business with confidence

Get better insight

Understand customers. Get a clear view of sales. Know where to focus resources to make the biggest impact.

Increase motivation

Track KPIs, keep goals top of mind, and provide everyone with the insight needed to impact business performance.

Improve reporting

Automate reporting processes. Do advanced analysis. With instant access to facts rather than outdated information, it's easier to acheive more.

Improve performance with visual analytics and dashboards

When everyone knows how it is going, they can spend more time doing. SuperOffice Analyze puts your CRM data into a format that everyone can use to increase sales and keep customers happy.

Interactive Dashboards

Transform standard data into dynamic, relevant visualizations that help leaders, managers and teams perform better.

Real-time reports

Save time and automatically generate accurate sales reports. Reuse charts, graphs and tables in presentation-ready slideshows, export to Excel or share by email.

Powerful Analytics

Analyze SuperOffice data on every field, time period. customer or product. Drill-down, filter, group, and sort information with a simple click. No analytic skills are required.

Healthy Competition

Use your data to focus efforts and generate enthusiasm. Set sales goals. Track progress on dashboards and recognize great acheivement.

Easy. Powerful. Affordable.

Just getting started or ready for advanced analytics? SuperOffice Analyze helps you get more value out of your CRM system from day one.

Get started effortlessly

Gain immediate access to more than 10 ready to use dashboards visualizing your data. Analyze all aspects of sales and share great results with leaders, managers, sales and service reps. No integration or technical skills required.


Easy to adapt

SuperOffice Analyze is built to scale with your data and adapt to your needs. Customise layouts, charts, and dashboards, and add data sources as your needs change.


Velkommen til BA-dagen

Årets happening for Business Analyze og SuperOffice Analyze kunder!

Tema for dagen: Enklere å lede

Torsdag 27 april, 2017 er vi igjen klar for årets BA Dag. Bli med og bli inspirert til å ta bruken av Business Analyze til nye høyder. Her vil det bli presentert mange nyheter og kundecaser som gjør det enklere å lede.

How to turn dashboards into office screens

People tell us that they would like to share dashboards and KPIs on TV screens or wall monitors. They want everyone to feel a part of what is happening. Do you also want your employees to know what’s going on? Are HD screens or monitors a channel you want to use?

If you use Business Analyze, turning dashboards into office screens is easy. If you are not currently using our dashboards, it is possible to present and share frequently changing numbers or statistics on screens by synchronizing dashboard data with the source.

What is the value of moving to the cloud?

Moving to the cloud may be part of your overall IT strategy, or it may be a simple cost/benefit calculation. Either way, this example helps you evaluate SuperOffice Analyze on-premise compared to cloud.

Join hundreds of SuperOffice customers

Everyone can benefit from analytics. That’s why we are proud to have public and private organizations of all sizes amongst our customers.

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